I. Registration:

  1. Age requirements – To enroll in Kindergarten,your child must be age 5 before August 1st.
  2. Faith Academy will request recent medical evaluation if a child is suspected with serious illness (asthma, vision, hearing, etc.).
  3. Assessment Test ($20.00 non-refundable fee).
  4. Complete registration packet and submit the $75.00 non-refundable registration fee.
  5. Interview Student and parent Second interview may be necessary
  6. Attend Open House. Open House will be held in September. The specific date will be announced.

All new students (K5-8th Grades) will be required to take an Assessment Test (A $20.00 non-refundable Testing Fee Applies)

II. Paperwork Needed

    1. Faith Academy Student Appication and Registration Forms
    2. Birth Certificate
    3. Up to date immunization records (DPT, DT, Polio, and MMR)
    4. Last year or current report card – 2.5 GPA Cumulative Record
    5. Proof of income (when requested)
    6. Proper identification (picture ID) of parent or guardian
    7. Release of School Record Form
    8. A phone call to the previous school will be made for students in grades K5-8th
    9. If the student was dismissed from a former school, the reason must be indicated (academic, background, discipline concerns, etc.)
    10. Record of unpaid tuition without a reputable reason must be known

III. Acceptance or Denial

A letter will be mailed within 2 weeks with the Administration’s decision. A phone call may be made to the parent if necessary. Faith Academy reserves the right to admit students based upon certain condition such as academic or behavioral probation. The status of a student’s acceptance will be determined prior to admission.

Reasons for Denial or Dismissal from Faith Academy:

    1. Poor attitude toward leadership, teachers, and others
    2. Grade average is below 70 percentile; below grade level or below 2.0 GPA
    3. Continuous behavior problems with no commitment of a changed lifestyle in personal testimony and character references
    4. Record of suspension and dismissal from previous schools based on inappropriate conduct or attitude
    5. Record of unpaid tuition without a reputable reason
    6. Conflict of interest with Philosophy and/or Policies and/or Statement of faith
    7. Refusal to cooperate and adhere to Faith Academy rules and policies
    8. Shows low academic performance or is unable to pass Assessment Exam for his/her grade
    9. A medical condition that limits Faith Academy staff assistance, such as, serious illnesses or injuries
    10. Faith Academy does not provide special services

Kindergarten & First Grade Entry:

On July 1, 1997, Senate Bill 572 went into effect in Missouri public school districts. Assessment testing for admittance into kindergarten was eliminated and replaced by kindergarten/first grade entry age of 5 (five) or 6 (six) by August 1. In 2008, House bill 1678, the Education of Military Children Act, amended the kindergarten/first grade entry requirements.
Faith Academy reserves the right to make the decision to enroll a student, place a student in another grade level, or not to accept a student after the Assessment Exam, interview, and/ or the recommendations are received. You will be notified by mail within two weeks of the Administration’s decision for acceptance. Faith Academy does not discriminate against any race, age, color, religion, natural origin, ancestry or sex.