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I love what I do and I hope it shows with all we do and with all we offer. Take the time to treat yourself and others to
"A Soul Enriching Experience".

- Kristi Tift, Founder and Therapist
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Welcome our newest and most famous AMBER DUNSON!!!
Amber writes her own nail blog and produces fabulous nail art!!!

Please call for more information on our Pedi Parties.

We use pipeless pedicure stations which means the stations have a cleaner system. Piped systems allow for fungus to grow within the system and are harder to sanitize. Before and after each pedicure we use a sanitizer that destroys any and all types of bacteria and fungus.
If you do currently have any type of foot fungus or bacterial infection envolving the feet or hands please see your physician and wait until the fungus or infection has completely healed before receiving services for your hands or feet.
This is why we take the extra step in asking for a health update before your service starts.

Manicure $20

French Manicure $25

Pedicure $35

French Pedicure $45

Polish Change $10

Soak Off $10


Spa Manicure w/Masque or Paraffin $30

Spa Pedicure w/Masque or Paraffin $45

Natural Nail Treatment (strengthener) $10

Natural Nail Treatment w/Manicure or Soak off $25


Manicure $20

Pedicure $35

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