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We love what we do!

I love what I do and I hope it shows with all we do and with all we offer. Take the time to treat yourself and others to
"A Soul Enriching Experience".

- Kristi Tift, Founder and Therapist
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Complete Spa Packages
  1. All packages come with Swedish Massage, other types of Massage will incur additional fees.
  2. All packages are approximate times as they allow for undressing, showering off if needed, redressing, and moving between services.
  3. Packages include use of our locker rooms, which have showers and amenities.
  4. Towels, robes, and slippers will be provided for your comfort.
  5. Bathing suits are mandatory for the wet areas.
  6. Discounts not applicable for Spa Packages as they are already discounted.

Please see our Couples Packages under the specials tab.

Wind Down
Whirlpool, Sauna &
50 minute massage
- $85

Breathe Easy
Whirlpool Treatment
50 minute massage & Express Facial
- $100

Collect Yourself
Whirlpool, Infrared Sauna, 50 minute massage
Manicure & Pedicure
- $140

Melt Away Hot Stone
Vichy Shower Treatment, Swedish Hot Stone Massage,
Facial Hot Stone Massage, Herbal Infusion Treatment
- $160

Aroma Senses
Essential oils added to all services
Whirlpool. Eucalyptus Steam, Exfoliating Body Polish
with vichy rinse,50 minute massage & Scalp treatment
- $180

Gratify Her Soul
Whirlpool & Infrared Sauna
50 minute massage, Express Facial
Manicure & Pedicure
- $180

Rejuvenate Her Body
Aroma Therapy Whirlpool, Clay Hot Pack Treatment, Infrared Sauna, Exfoilating Body Polish, Vichy Shower,
50 minute massage with hydrating lotion & customized facial
- $250

Tranquilize Her Body & Spirit
Whirlpool, Infrared Sauna, Clay Hot Pack Treatment.
50 minute massage, Customized Facial Treatment,
Exfoiliating Body Salt Glow, Vichy Shower Treatment,
Spa Manicure & Pedicure with Paraffin for hands and feet
Half day of relaxation $ 300

Packages made just for Him

Indulge Him
50 minute massage
Men's Express Facial
- $100

Revitalize Him
Clay Hot Packs
Infrared Sauna
50 minute massage
Express Facial, Manicure & Pedicure
- $175

Tranquilize His Soul
Whirlpool, Infrared Sauna, Clay Hot Pack Treatment,
80 Minute Massage, Sport Facial Massage,
Exfoiliating Body Scrub & Vichy Shower Rinse
- $250

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